Don't settle for an attorney that simply treats you like another number in their bank account. I became a lawyer because I wanted to help people at the lowest point in their lives while keeping families and kids safe. I understand that your time is valuable, so I will work diligently to reach a favorable result.


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Lana Shadwick

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After graduating from South Texas College of Law, I began my reputable career practicing family law and criminal defense. As we work together, it's important to know that our communication with each other is the most important factor in striving for a solution that works in your favor. As long as we are honest and open with each other, I can provide you with a tailored strategy that works most efficiently and accurately for your unique case. Reach out to my Livingston office to schedule a free phone consultation. I happily serve all of East Texas, including the communities of Conroe, Lufkin, and Liberty.

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  • goes the extra mile

    Lana stepped in when everyone else said it was too far to drive. She's not afraid of a fight! Beautiful lady on the outside, but in the courtroom she gets serious. She knows her stuff & goes the extra mile to help & mentor in the most honest way possible! She's a true southern Texas lady through ... Read On

  • Truly the best lawyer in town

    Truly the best lawyer in town. She's not only tough as nails but has a heart of gold and will fight until the end for you. If you're having legal trouble please look no further. This is the lawyer you want on your side. Read On

  • caring, brilliant, and calculating attorney

    Very caring, brilliant, calculating attorney, she is on top of everything and does not leave you in the dark. She is a great person too. She cares about the elderly and the underdog as I have witnessed from her on my Mother's case. Read On




You first must file a legal petition and show that paperwork to your spouse, and then file proof of service with the court.


You will need to establish an agreed-upon plan for alimony or child custody for example, and trial may be necessary.


After negotiations or final decisions made by a judge, they will make everything official by "reviewing" the resolutions.

Sensitive to Your Wants, Resilient for Your Needs

Many successful attorneys credit their success to their ability to read a room or communicate with those around them. I have been told by my previous clients on several occasions that they truly believed their voice was being heard and that voice was presented to either a court or the judge overseeing their case. Shadwick Law, PLLC wants you to feel comfortable and believe that you made the right decision to hire me and represent you in front of the court or judge.

 If you live near Livingston, Texas, and have been charged with assault, domestic violence, drug offenses, or DWI, I will listen and evaluate your story to build a case in your favor. Get in touch with me immediately so I can begin protecting your freedom.

Family law is an umbrella term that encompasses many different practices. My experience as a family law attorney lies within divorce, child custody and support, guardianship, and protective orders. Divorce is a complicated process involving many moving parts (like reaching an agreement for child custody or support) in order to reach amicable decisions that both parties can agree on.

The process of probate is complex. In its essence, it is the process of finalizing a will and carrying out its wishes, as well as contesting a will or trust that may not have been correctly understood by the authorities. I proudly serve East Texas and The Woodlands, including Livingston, Conroe, Lufkin, and Liberty. Schedule a free phone consultation today.

Why Join My Family of Clients?

Direct & Honest Representation

As my client, you can expect full honesty. I won't tell you something just because I think you should hear it, nor do I refrain from giving you useful advice because it's the "harder choice." I put my best foot forward to provide you with a plan that will benefit you in the long run. It may seem like the tough route to take, but I wouldn't give tough advice if I knew it wasn't in your best interest or that it wasn't beneficial to your specific situation.

Combining Passion & Quality

Throughout my time as an attorney in Livingston, Texas, I have had the opportunity to grow my skills as a representative of clients and connect with people who are experiencing a difficult time in their life. The last item on your to-do list is to hire an attorney who will add to your stress. That being said, I've seen clients who, because they hired me, are in a much better place because of the guidance I gave them or the strategies I used for their case in court.

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At Shadwick Law, PLLC, we focus on Family Law and Criminal Defense. We are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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